Headmaster Dumbledore (knittingmugwump) wrote,
Headmaster Dumbledore

Is it any wonder I'm tired?

I always maintained that these students were cleverer than everyone takes them for, but I suppose there is a downside to always being right about this sort of thing.

In a four year gap To Voldemort went from the sort of spells I expected him to know - mostly contentiously European black arts and standard Celtic and Anglo-Saxon hexes, to using ancient magic that I never even thought could still possibly exist. Not only is he reaping lives, he's feeding off of each and every one of their deaths. This is not only startling, but terrifying.

But what to do?

Of course this is always the question I'm left pondering. One thing is clear, we must shift our focus and find Voldemort. He must be stopped at all costs.

I fear he's already surpassed what Grindlewald accomplished.


One of our own, Benjamin Fenwick, has discovered something while perusing the Ministry's files. It seems that our friend Voldemort did a little traveling and has been incorporating some very dangerous magic into his already broad knowledge. Apparently he's using a spell from Central America - something in which drains an opponent of his or hers energy after they have been killed.

The Ministry's focus must shift, Alastor. Instead of trying to keep him at bay, they must find him and stop him. We must find him and stop him.

We'll talk more later,

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