Headmaster Dumbledore (knittingmugwump) wrote,
Headmaster Dumbledore

Terrible, terrible. It is wrong to feel this numbed. Those young men and women who follow myself and Alastor keep dying, while we grow old. Older than old, I'm a living relic while these witches and wizards, just out of school and more jaded than even Alastor or the Minister herself, wander off into the fire with the full knowledge that they might not come back out alive from the fracas.

Oh, and how it angered me to see that traitor-healer, young and with a family, prosperous and caught up with a bunch of murderers. Angered me because he had all the luck and happiness in the world and he put it in jeopardy, and now I've promised him my protection. It is in my nature not to turn away someone in need, but this man has done nothing to merit my attention. Alastor needn't point it out to me, I knew the information he supplied wasn't enough to truly trust him. Worse is that now part of my attentions must be on this young man and his family, and not protecting those still left in the Order.

I feel ill, and my head always hurts. Always hurts. But I truly have nothing worth complaining about, for I have my health and my old age, and no loved ones to mourn.

Miss Hestia Jones,

I have reason to believe that Caradoc Dearborn is alive. Not alive and of sound mind, for his memories would have been wiped and this would account for his being lost this long, but I have been told that he does indeed live. Now I tell you this because you have been so determined in your search for Caradoc, and I hope to reassure you that it is not in vain. I trust you to understand why I will ask you not to tell the Dearborn family, as I cannot be entirely certain of anything until the man is actually found.

You are not alone in your search for Mr. Dearborn. I will continue to write to you with updates as they come to me. Unfortunately I cannot reveal the source of this information or much more than what I have included in this letter, but perhaps you'd like to meet with me in your free time?

Albus Dumbledore

Recently I have discovered a delightful publication, a certain Modern Sassy Witch Stitch n' Bitch Magazine. I was visiting my healer for a regular appointment and happened to pick up a copy in the waiting room. While crocheting a bustier to heighten my bust line doesn't exactly appeal to my particular sense of fashion, I've found that their hat patterns are quite novel and clever. Would anyone fancy a knitted hat?
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